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want the best natural pet food sold at wholesale prices from a holistic pet food company located in Florida,” Lifes Abundance may be the answer to all youre pet products and pet samples with discount right now at 20% off all premium dog and cat foods.

One of the best website to buy natural pet food at is called they are the featured website that host all premium pet foods for puppies and cats to kittens.



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Pet Business Blog – Learn Dog Training Mon, 26 Sep 2011 22:12:40 +0000 admin Pet Business Blog Learn Dog Training


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Home Based Pet Business At Home Jobs Online Sat, 28 May 2011 18:59:43 +0000 admin Home Based Pet Business At Home Jobs Online.

The multilevel marketing industry is currently looking for entrepreneurs and business builders earning a possible six figure income with within the next year.

If you’re one of those, have failed a home based business within your first year,” I challenge you to read this blog post,” undoubtedly you will find the most up-to-date content and research about the pet food industry and it’s $60 billion a year net worth income.

Everybody has a pet,” that meets everyone could possibly the seeking a healthy pet food business featuring some of today’s most holistic and organic pet food products based over a network marketing business in Jacksonville Florida.

But not forget, these pet food products are 100% holistic grade made by a well though holistic pet food analyst at holistic pet veterinarian, Dr. Jane Bick’s.

I will admit you will be the next billionaire Sarasota Florida, selling pet food. I will say this there are more than 20 billion pet owners across the United States,- half of those are millionaires, celebrity pet owners in Hollywood Florida by only the best pet food for their celebrity pets, the celebrity pet owners graciously approach this industry with the highest of regards.

take for example the type of pet food Paris Hilton orders for her Chihuahua’s,” you’ll find the label life’s abundance all natural organic pet food treats and diet dog food to help curb and keep celebrity pets trim and fit, moreover the ingredients listed in life’s abundance pet food increases the metabolism and bills healthy immunit.

let’s cut to the chase here,” if you live anywhere in the United States and you’ll more than three dogs or cats,” and you’re currently working a 40 hour job,” we suggest you look into this HOME base pet business opportunity as a ways and means of earning extra income from home.


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Green Earth Human Grade Pet Dog Foods Vs Commercial Grade Naturals Sun, 24 Apr 2011 19:15:53 +0000 admin Green Earth Human Grade Pet Dog Foods Vs Commercial Grade Naturals Bought In Local Grocery Stores Near You – Is It Worth The Health RISK

Shopping online for humane grade pet foods formulated by a holistic pet food veterinarian can offer retailers many options,” such as what is the best holistic pet food buy for the buck,” am I ordering the safest pet foods online,” is the pet food made from all natural human grade ingredients,” like brown rice, kale, beets, celery, carrots, chicken, “: does the internet offer a guarantee analysis on the ingredients bought with a return for purchase guarantee.

If you answered or find this healthy pet food article in youre interest,” an the quality of fine words spark youre motivated interest,” every bit of literature is concrete,” and the company Lifes Abundance does exist,: in fact by the time youre done reading about (Green Earth Human Grade Pet Dog Foods Vs Commercial Grade Naturals) you’ll be well aware of what pet foods offer the safest ingredients and holistic grade porky puff treats, gourmet dog cookies, The New Breed Gourmet Feast Cat Foods, green dog wash and cat was products and tome more of today’s potent natural dog and cat pet products on sale at 20 off all items with a monthly auto ship commitment,” that increases youre bonuses and free pet food annually.

Commercial vs anything organic or natural is an obvious sales pitch these days,” although top breeders and pro dog kennel owners across America know the significance between the two – Food is just Food says Dr Jane Bicks,” you must create a list of healthy dog and cat foods that top breeders use,” those champion bread show dogs live longer , better, more healthy lives, thanks to their owners feeding and bathing regiment of pet products they offer daily as a means of well being.

Wholesome Organic home style dog treats are owners top choice in food offering,” be smart get the natural dog chews, antioxidant dog cookies and natural training treats dog crave after a hard dog training day in the yard,” don’t compromise their agility,” make sure dogs are rewarded asap,” show then you care,” they love you even more,” as the dog training camp move on.

Dog agility training and dog treats go hand and hand,” the amount of running and jumping during one day camp is huge,” the recovery time speeds up,” feeding them super healthy dog training treats vs commercial or grocery store ones,” moreover the the healthier the better.

If you are a home dog trainer slash dog owner breeder,” why not by a holistic recommended dog food that top breeders use on TV shows such as Lifes Abundance line of choice pet foods,” dog day cares all over California and Las Vegas Nevada already use LA dog foods in their pet doggie day care schools,” they have chosen the have alll their monthly auto shipments made without having to call in or go online and order again, until they want to change the monthly auto-ship and different types of flavors or sizes,” this makes life so easy,” say dog day care and doggie sitter Megan Peach,” these products dog love,” monthly I care for more than 25 of the most obedient bow wows in Cali,” these dogs look forward to eating Lifes Abundance weight-loss dog foods and holistic training treats,” by the time a training day ends,” dog owners alert me of how well or how moch more healthy and obedient their dogs are after a week of obedience and home doggie day care business training in my kennel,” these customer reviews are mandatory from headquarters,” I put a long lasting impression on all my dog clients faces,” they comment on the how well their dogs pay attention to calls and rollover charlie,” the amount of time and effort is crucial,” the my to my successful pet business is the line of pet products I use,” truthfully without out them I would not run it in the first place.

Many years of training dogs was planned ahead,” we needed a potent dog food product line to increase the amount of energy and dog agility to get the most out of customer reply,” as a matter infact all our client are now feeding their dogs Lifes Abundance pet foods as a result of good reply,” moreover longevity and more abundant productivity,” out day care clients tell us their dog have far more mindset,” better nails, less fleas, thicker furr, better vision, bark less, help more and do more trick, obey commands and listen to owner calls,” am proud owner and user of Lifes Abundance Pet Foods for many dam good reasons.

If you want the best results and demand higher quality pet food ingredients in youre dog diet,” think about the results and commands youll get from them at the end of a training day,” a well planned dog trainer with a eye for and education of the best pet foods to feed youre canine friends,” we recommend Lifes Abundance pet foods,” get youre free monthly auto shipment package and pet deals,” become a successful doggie day care business center in youre home town today.

Call 877-644-3209for more offers and details on how to become a success in the pet industry using the best possible business tools and foods avail today.








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Lifes Abundance At Home Business Wholefood Products Important Pricing Update Tue, 12 Apr 2011 08:29:47 +0000 admin Lifes Abundance Wholefood Products Important Pricing Update.


Dear Field Rep,


All of us at Lifes Abundance headquarters are dedicated to providing you and your customers with health-promoting products at very good values. Obviously, to do so, we have to operate within the constraints of current market conditions.

Just like you, we must contend with price increases. For years, we have worked very hard to control expenses by operating more efficiently, renegotiating contracts and taking other proactive measures. And these steps have served our customers well.


For example, since we introduced our Lifes Abundance canned dog food back in September of 2008, competing canned dog food prices have increased an average of 13% while our pricing remained steady. If you have been with us for a while, you know that one thing we can’t and won’t do is reduce the quality of our products.
With the recent rise in commodities (such as oats and rice) and crude oil prices, our costs are going up dramatically. Therefore, even though we are achieving savings in some areas, other costs such as shipping, ingredients and product packaging are out-pacing any additional efficiency measures we can implement.

For example, since August 2008 (which is the date of our last price increase), the costs for ingredients and packaging of our baked dog treats have increased by double digits.

As a result, a small price increase has become unavoidable. Effective Thursday, April 14th, some product prices will increase between 1% to 2% with the exception of the baked treats for dogs which will go up more. You will find an updated price list in the Business Center on Thursday. Go to”Documents” in the “Documents & Training” section. Under the “Reference” tab, look for “Field Rep Price List“.

Although we cannot predict the state of the economy in the months and years to come, it does seem that costs are likely to continue to rise in the short term. Since 1999, we have worked diligently to keep price increases to an absolute minimum while providing you and your customers with the highest-quality products, and we will continue to do so.


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Feeding Youre Dog Companion Animal a High-Quality Nutritionally Dense Food Sun, 10 Apr 2011 18:44:36 +0000 admin Are YOU Feeding Youre Dog Companion Animal a High-Quality Nutritionally Dense Pet Food, and Dog Supplement On A Daily Regimen.

Doggie day care companies and at home doggie day care businesses thrive on person to person customer service,” if youre home dog business is boring, needs a lift with a new meaning or another term to make youre home based job far more interesting,” moreover more appealing and fun,” dog groomers will be happy to learn more about our home dog trainers MLM company that builds people friendly at home jobs,” using these fine high quality dog nutritional foods and vitamin supplements as a key ingredient in creating extra income from youre own home in the USA.

All dogs and animal trainers are connected through companionship,” you cant mold a better picture,” people luv their pets and pets luv their owners,” why not share a high profit income generator pet business MLM with youre pet business connection at the door,” everyone wants to earn extra income,” why not do it for the animals you love most,” says our natural dog food formulator Dr Jane Bicks from Florida.

Dr Jane B,” everyday pet business owners greet and meet their clients with a smile,” assuring dog owners a long lasting pet connection and awesome day care solution,” these clients are very curious to know,” what types of dog shampoos and natural dog products recommended as a natural holistic brand dogs and cats need to survive in this life time.

If youre dogie daycare is based in Hollywood or Hollywood Florida,” the opportunity is platinum sealed with a gold trophy,” awaiting youre announcement at the next Lifes Abundance cruise and marketing spectacular,” the possibilities are beyond youre natural instinct,” so’ youre warned,” if you don’t want to be the biggest hit in the pet business and award winning doggie day care center in youre hometown USA ,” do not bother reading any further,” you might make more money in the next year than then you make in five years,” marketing a golden pet business franchise business, ” whats to loose.

Endless income generation with a residual income coach attached to a thriving pet mlm company that offers you more opportunity,” than any online business offered online,” you can call hot leads all day,” you can pitch you’re last dime,” if you’re mlm is not about the golden truth,” you wont create wealth,” that’s the law of attraction working overtime.

Businesses at home entrepreneurs,” ladies and gentlemen,” if have a pet grooming or dogie day care clinic,” and youre working in the pet industry,” im asking you to take a good look at the near future,” through this marketing petfood online business,” why? because you will have it at youre finger tips,” youll be more inter active and youre present pet business will thrive amongst the new comers.

The whole truth is – No inventory – The main Company Ship’s All The Pet Products Fur U – We give you a fully functional website with back office to list all youre clients and pet items they buy monthly – you can offer youre clients upto 20% off .

f youre wild and ambitious about dog and cats,” you own youre own pet business or pet shop,” by all means – take total advantage of this mlm pet business.

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Super Premium Dog Vitamins and Agility Supplements For Canines Are They SAFE Sun, 10 Apr 2011 03:19:14 +0000 admin Super Premium Dog Vitamins and Agility Supplements For Canines Are They SAFE.

Vitamins for canine dogs and young pups are the best supplements with extra added herbs that increase longevity with more than 12000 yrs of positive feedback,” Lifes Abundance holistic pet products made by Dr Jane Bicks in Miami FL,” have over 2000 live enzymes and potent antioxidants that create a wholesome supplement that improve the quality and healthy immune systems in dog of all sizes,” A Synergistic combination of ingredients (including glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM) that can optimize your dog’s joint function and comfort.


A lot of aggressive dogs,” like advanced canines like pitbulls,” trainers would recommended the best pitbull supplements with calcium and minerals to help build more strength,” due to the type of muscles those canines are heavily equipped with,” on the other hand adult dog muscle supplements, are very popular,” younger canines can take vitamins,” providing it is made from holistic grade ingredients,” Human grade glucosamine arthritis joint supplements for dogs and horses. The highest quality active ingredients available.

Another popular all in one dog joint supplement from life’s Abundance is the Agility formula,” Life’s Abundance Wellness Food Supplements are all food based,” creating a more easily digestible vitamin.


The purest dog vitamins known in the wellness industry are these,” packed with a high dose omega 3,” Large dogs should receive a glucosamine supplement starting at three or four years of age, before showing symptoms of bone loss or bone deterioration.

Most canines will lose bone mass,” if they are not properly fed or the intake of a potent glucosamine supplement is not properly offered in a canines healthy regimen.

Many outlawed dog trainers offer their fighting dogs a dog steroid vs the right supplements,” bad news for longevity,” healthy dog supplies are highly effective as dog muscle builder supplements must meet required standards,” undergone a dog supplements review such as Life’s Abundance Wellness Food Supplements.

If you sense youre canines health getting diminished by older age,” make certain you search online for high dose wholefood supplements or dogs stuff on sale,” this blog post offered by is actually perfect for canine and home dog owners and pet business owners with a doggie day care biz,” to re-evaluate their options and buy wholesale dog supplements at 20% off retail with a line of natural pet foods attached to a home based pet business opportunity – please go to this link > pet business opp and select youre options as a home dog business owner to create residual income faster.



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New Field Rep Promotion Pet Product MLM Sun, 20 Mar 2011 22:38:34 +0000 admin New Field Rep Promotion Pet Product MLM.

New Field Rep Promotion …
the 20% Retail Bonus Bonanza!

Dear Field Rep,

It gives us great pleasure to announce a very special promotion called the 20% Retail Bonus Bonanza. This promotion incentivizes recruiting and, therefore, encourages Field Reps in your downline to build their businesses much faster than usual. Heres how the 20% Retail Bonus Bonanza will work

Enrollment Period: The enrollment period begins on April 1, 2011 and lasts through June 30, 2011.

Eligibility Period: Field Reps are eligible to participate in this promotion the month they sign up during the enrollment period and the next three months following their sign-up.

Criteria: A Field Rep must meet the following two criteria to qualify for the 20% Retail Bonus in a given month: (1) be an Executive Field Rep and (2) have at least $50.00 in Personal Sales.

In an effort to help you better understand this promotion, we provided three different scenarios:

Scenario #1: A recruit signs up as an Executive Field Rep on April 7th. This Field Rep is eligible for the 20% Retail Bonus for the remainder of the month of April, as well as all of May, June and July. After July 31st, the Retail Bonus reverts to the standard amount.

Scenario #2: A recruit signs up as a basic Field Rep on April 7th, and then upgrades to Executive Field Rep status on June 7th. This Field Rep is eligible for the 20% Retail Bonus for the remainder of the month of June and all of July. After July 31st, the Retail Bonus reverts to the standard amount.

Scenario #3: A recruit signs up as an Executive Field Rep on June 20th. This Field Rep is eligible for the 20% Retail Bonus for the remainder of the month of June, as well as all of July, August and September. After September 30th, the Retail Bonus reverts to the standard amount.

Of course, it is to your advantage to work with the Reps in your organization to achieve $750.00 or more in Personal Sales, so they never have to go below the 20% Retail Bonus level.

Finally, because we do not want you to wait until April to sign up new Field Reps, the recruits that you sign up in March are eligible to participate in this promotion in April, May, June and July, as long as they meet the criteria. Actually, this is the same eligibility period if you signed up a Field Rep in April.

Heres why the 20% Retail Bonus Bonanza will be a very effective recruiting program:

Incentive: This special promotion can help convince a prospect whos on the fence to join now.

Need for Speed: The limited-time enrollment period helps you to convey to recruits a sense of urgency.

Mentoring: This promotion provides you the perfect opportunity to mentor new recruits. You can explain the importance of working together to achieve the $750.00 level before the promotion ends. That way, your new Rep will be much less likely to ever revert back to lower levels of the Retail Bonus.

Satisfaction: More money in new Field Reps pockets not only fosters a great sense of satisfaction, it also encourages them to actively continue building their businesses.

Experience: Once a new Field Rep knows how to achieve the 4-Star level, he or she has internalized many of the basics of success.

We believe the 20% Retail Bonus Bonanza will prove to be a highly effective recruiting and business-building tool. We encourage you to contact the Field Reps in your downline and convince them to take advantage of this very special offer!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Company Co-founder Dennis Berardi and other Field Reps will discuss this new and exciting promotion on next week’s Tuesday night conference call. Make time in your schedule now to join us on Tuesday, March 22nd at 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

Click here for the Tuesday, March 22nd Conference Call link.

You will receive an email on Monday, March 21st with more information on the conference call topics. This email will also contain the conference call link above, as well as detailed instructions on how to participate in the conference call for those that are new to this system.

Linda Logue
Communications V.P.

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Specialty Coffee Brands With Herbal Extarcts Is Ganoderma The Best Healthy Coffee Sat, 19 Mar 2011 18:50:25 +0000 admin Specialty Coffee Brands With Herbal Extarcts Is Ganoderma The Best Healthy Coffee

Healthy-Ganocafe-Coffee-Gano-Excel-Distributors, &

All coffees are created equal in terms of whole-bean,” however not all coffee brands are 100% enriched with reishi mushroom extracts,” the whole bean product grown in rich healthy organic coffee soils,” such as India, Peru and Indo.

Traditional coffees to organic coffee brands,” people from all over the world are making the switch from regular starbucks coffee to the new specialty coffee called gano mushroom coffee,” the hype is,” reishi coffee is lower in acid, moreover acid reduced coffee, backed by popular demand,”: healthy mushroom coffee is very delicious, with a brilliant texture, coffee lovers crave.

Coffee brands fine selected,” peak flavored, best coffee bean aromas,” mushroom coffee brands, where made to help build a stronger immune system help prevent stomach upset,” as the ganoderma herb coffee has over 1200 mg of potent herbal extracts,” dense in medicinal extracts,” herbal supplements make coffee the perfect beverage every morning rise,” enhancement and superb, ginseng mushroom coffees are also an added bonus of the Gano Excel specialty coffee brand.

Online coffee wholesellers such as the website is a prime example, where rich organic healthy coffees are sold at wholesale,” these websites that market the coffes are also in connection with, &,” only the freshest real wholebeans are roasted together in batches of pure herbal ganoderma,” the process is quite unique,” you can literally feel and smell the herbs working in youre immune,” by standing around the coffee roaster websites just mentioned,” thats reality,”: coffee lovers can learn to appreciate real mushroom coffes at a wholes distributor price,” usually ganocafe 3in1 or Gano black coffee and the flavored coffee ganocafe mocha are the pick of the litter.

If youre a more than serious coffee addicted drinker, and youve been told to STOP drinking coffee,” you can finally relax and sip away,” Ganoderma coffee is non acidic, lower in caffeine and robust in gourmet flavor,” added is the 1200 mg of real pure ganoderma extracts.

Organic coffee brands made from natural reasid coffee beans in an organic fair trade coffee factory, is perfect,” the flavored organic coffee flavored with Reishi is an additional product,” the benefits of reishi studies show reishi mushrooms benefit people stricken with a variety of ailments, from high blood pressure to Hiv,” on worse off immun disfunctions, where mushroom wellness can help the body reproduce red blood cells at a higher level.

The Benefits of Reishi

The scientific data accumulated over the past 30 years help explain why Reishi is effective in all parts of our body:

* Immune System
o Cancer: Reishi is an effective anti-tumor medicine
o Inflammation
o Rheumatoid Arthritis

Caffeine helps the body remove toxinsmore effectivly

o Allergies
o Reishi acts as an antioxidant against free radicals
o Reishi protects against the effects of radiation
o Reishi has anti-inflammatory effects
* Respiratory System
o Asthma
o Chronic Bronchitis
* Endocrine System
o Problems associated with Menopause
o Irregular mentruation
* Nervous System
o Insomnia
* Circulatory System
o Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
o Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)
o Coronary Heart Disease
o Arteriosclerosis
o Cold Extremities
* Digestive System
o Gastroenteritis
o Ulcer
o Hepatitis
o Liver Necrosis
o Reishi regenerates the liver
o Obesity — Reishi removes fat in the blood
o Underweight — Reishi improves appetite
o Diabetes
* Skin
o Aging of the skin
o Ugly spots on the skin
o Acne
o Hair loss
* Reproductive System

More details and news about ganocafe coffee and benefits reishi mushroom, cordyceps, maitake, lingzhi, ganoderma lucidum, ganoderma, astragalus are available at the healthy coffee website, where the popular specialty coffee brand ganocafe is sold at 40% offe making each box of ganocafe just 16.00 – with a commitment to the $50 dollar a month autoshipmeant,” you can enjoy this specialty coffee brand everyday – Go to,, &

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FREE Gourmet Granola Recipes For Dogs Sat, 12 Mar 2011 21:30:45 +0000 admin FREE Gourmet Granola Recipes For Dogs.

Hello dog lovers and canine dog kennel workers – I put togetcher a free list of granola dog recipes that help pet owners prepair them in a home kitchen.

Here is the FREE Ganola Recipie


Safe for any healthy dog recipe creator that wants a healthy regimen of holistic grade granola cookies for dogs any size,” you can add gourmet peanut butter and wholesome peanuts into youre recipe,” creating a chew bar that dog love to chew on all day.

Face it dog go crazy for a treat,” moreover healthy treats

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